My Hair Care Heroes


It’s no secret that I bleach my hair to the max to achieve this silver blonde color, and on top of that I use hot tools to style it!

The things we do to our hair ladies…you hear me don’t you? Knowing that, I always make sure to use quality hair products to try and maintain healthy locks. As you all know

I’m a major product junkie and love to try all the trending products! So after years of trial and error I’m going to share with you all my hair care heroes.










Dynamic Blonde Shampoo

This bad boy right here is the secret to keeping my blonde

hair that silver tone I was talking about, this stuff is so intense

I will only leave it on for about 10 mins to achieve maximum results.

This is my absolute favorite purple shampoo.

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F R A M E S I 

Dynamic Blonde Conditioner

This conditioner in combination with the shampoo has really

helped keep my blonde tones silver. A lot of purple based

conditioners aren’t super moisturizing but this one in particular

keeps my hair soft while toning at the same time.

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Supershine Cream

I like to add this cream into my hair after it’s towel dried and

really massage it in. I find it leaves my hair feeling so soft and gives 

it shine! (which is SO hard to achieve with bleached hair)

it also makes blow drying my hair a whole lot easier as it

acts as a leave in conditioner too. Needless to say I cannot

live without this stuff!

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Big Wigg Root Volumizer

This root volumizer is essential for adding body to my hair!

I like to rub this to my roots but also run the extra product

on my Hands though-out my hair just to add some extra grit

and texture.

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Dry Texture Spray

This has got to be my favorite step in my hair care regimen. I

absolutely love adding texture to my hair! Without it my hair falls

flat and doesn’t hold through out the day. Texture spray

is what gives your hair that grit and allows it to hold those

curls you spent so much time on. I’ve tried so many texture sprays and

I just keep coming back to this one! Kenra’s Dry Texture Spray

is defiantly a staple in my hair care routine.

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